Peeping out of this window, my world seems to be little and framed. my hands are sweaty and this dusky air which is brushing over my face burns a little. increasing the volume of the music just to avoid the turbulence of chaos, i start bringing the things in my mind to one corner. trying to fix and reframe. how everything escalated real quick and couldn't realize. there was a pain in my gut to gulp down the fact, that things weren't falling in their right places.


x window x
eyes with hope,
the only dream;
to be on other side
of the window,
window to living,
virtual, yet so beautiful,
not real,
so painful.

Layers of soul

|| layers of soul || .
she was hunting for the real mask which had epitomize sadness inside her. how these layers of her soul were left undefined.
the canvas, how every stroke of brush had made a layer of colour of her soul so unique;
the facade of layers was beautiful.
she was art from within,
being washed out
into layers of soul

Let's take a walk. Let's walk on a path which is unknown to us. To every step I take, there's a load which I'm unloading. Load of expectations, load of being with, and all those generic mementos of life which are like taste buds to everyone. I was making myself feeling less or feel free, depends upon the way you perceive it. I was unleashing myself from the world. I had engulfed enough of my share. It was time to revolve & empty my pockets, I wanted to share my glitter with everyone. To all the days, from that we blown & pricked the soap bubbles, the days we chased the flying dandelion seeds as we believed they were the facilitation to make our wishes come true. Those were the days, where the path was unknown to us. Why not today? Why do we fear that destiny decides it all?
There was much of load to unleash, load of; much more of glitter to spread, much more of love to give, even if I'm able to make someone smile, I'll be able to unleash the load of lives I'm not living under these earthly grounds. .